Original beer baths from our microbrewery. Beer produced using traditional methods, live culture of brewer’s yeast, spent grain and honey.

traditional beer baths

Original beer bath

Admixtures: traditionally brewed homemade beer, live culture of brewer’s yeast, spent grain and honey

Duration: 50 minutes (20 minutes bath, 30 minutes relaxation and a jug of beer from the Kolštejn microbrewery)

Price: CZK 1 000/person/bath

Herbal, malt and peat baths
Duration: 20 minutes

Healing sweet clover bath

The effects of this wholesome bath are just boundless. The bath has a healing effect
on common and severe swellings, varicose ulcers, slowly healing wounds, hardened glands, bruises; it smoothes the skin, soothes inflammation and tumours.

Price CZK 420/person

Bath for nice skin

Time-tested effects of this bath are primarily beneficial
to your skin, improving it and rejuvenating it.

Price CZK 420/person