basic information

Massages are a great way to relieve a tired organism. Back pain, heavy legs, migraines - these are just a few of the most common symptoms that you can eliminate with the help of massages, or prevent them altogether. Massage will blood the skin, muscles and joints, improve their nutrition, and thereby affect the overall condition, eliminate fatigue and relieve pain.

Price list

Massage for 25 minutes

sea salt, pink salt, clay or peat (15 min bath, 10 min relaxation)

Massage for 50 minutes

lava stones with classic massage

15 min bath (sea salt, pink salt, clay or peat), 5 min relaxation, 30 min massage with herbal bags

Massage for 60 - 80 minutes

20 min original beer bath, 20 min back massage with oil with hop extract, 20 min relaxation, a jug of beer from Kolštejn Minibrewery