Massages are an efficient way to relieve your tired organism. Back pain, heavy feet, migraines – these are just a few of the most common symptoms that you can remove with the help of massage or prevent them completely.

Massage will supply blood to your skin, muscles and joints, will improve their nutrition, thereby influencing your overall fitness, eliminating fatigue and relieving pain.


25 – 30 minutes

  • Honey massage 550 Kč/25 min
  • Lava stone massage 550 Kč/25 min
  • Manual relaxing foot and sole massage 550 Kč/25 min
  • Classical massage 500 Kč/25 min
  • Peat, paraffin back wrap 400 Kč/25 min
  • Paraffin hand wrap 450 Kč/25 min
  • Anti-stress head massage 550 Kč/25 min
  • Massage with herbal pouches 600 Kč/25 min
  • Massage with aromatic oil 500 Kč/25 min
  • 550 Kč/25 min
  • Five types of organic baths 520 Kč/25 min

    healing sweet clover, detoxifying, for beautiful skin, aromatic, peat (15-minute bath, 10-minute relaxation)

50 – 70 minutes

  • 650 Kč/50 min
  • Honey massage 950 Kč/50 min
  • Lava stone massage 950 Kč/50 min
  • Classical massage 850 Kč/50 min
  • Massage with aromatic oil 850 Kč/50 min
  • Chocolate wrap (back, relaxation) 1 050 Kč/50 min
  • Celtic massage 1 050 Kč/50 min

    lava stones with classical massage

  • Beer bath with massage for men 850 Kč/50 min
  • Five types of baths in combination with massage 1050 Kč/50 min

    herbal pouches. 15-minute bath (healing, sweet clover, detoxifying, for beautiful skin, aromatic, peat), 5-minute relaxation, 30-minute massage with herbal pouches

70 – 110 minutes

  • Thermotherapy with classical massage 950 Kč/80 min
  • Fitodar bath with classic massage 1 100 Kč/ 50 min

    proper relaxation for your body