The Kolštejn mini-brewery continues the long-lost tradition of the brewery and brewing in the village of Branná in Jeseníky. The construction of the microbrewery began in 2012, and it did not open until 2013, when it was also ceremonially consecrated and baptized exactly three months later. It is part of the Kolštejn wellness center complex, you can find it in the back of the Kolštejn Restaurant.


We brew light and semi-dark lagers, but we also prepare beer specials according to the season. The beers from our brewery are unfiltered and unpasteurized. You can taste all of our beers during a tasting combined with a guided tour of the Kolštejn Minibrewery. If you are interested in a tour, please contact the operator at 702 072 034, The minimum number in one group is 6, but the maximum is 15 people. Price CZK 180/person.


The history of brewing was written right in our restaurant! We found out that the building of today's restaurant is the building that was built by the foit around the year 1325 during the founding of the city of Goldenstein and its market square. The village of Goldenstein was established during the old trade route to Silesia around 1282. The name Kolštejn was created by honoring the German Goldenstein (golden stone). Now Branná is named after the river of the same name that flows through the village.


The assortment of types of beers offered is chosen with the general public in mind. We brew traditional light and semi-dark lagers, draft beer and bottom-fermented specials. Our endeavor is to satisfy the taste demands of various types of customers. The menu is also adapted to the seasons, when in winter and spring beers are brewed with a higher degree of strength, and in the summer season, beers with a lower degree of strength appear on the menu.

Our beers can be tasted not only in the Kolštejn restaurant, where they are tapped directly from the lager tanks,

customers also have the option of purchasing beers in these forms :

– 0.75l glass bottles with a label,
– 5l kegs – must be arranged 24 hours in advance,
– or into your own mugs, which we will fill for you in the restaurant at the tap (beer directly from the tank).

Not all types of beers are always on tap in our restaurant. We adapt the range of beers to the season and the capacity of the microbrewery. Other types of brewed beers will be continuously replenished according to the capacity of the facility.