Reservation of private wellness

+420 583 286 421


+420 602 651 027

basic information

The magical environment of private wellness is located in the basement. The Celtic atmosphere can be felt immediately on the first steps under the cellar vaults. Romantic rooms are tuned to the natural materials of wood and stone. Together with the resounding tones of magical music, we perfectly fine-tune the soothing atmosphere with the light of burning candles.


  • Finnish sauna
  • Steam bath with salt aroma
  • Massage showers
  • Rest benches
  • So-called “Tropical” shower rain"
  • Whirlpool

The underground floor is also wheelchair accessible thanks to the soundproofed lift.

After your reservation, you will get the so-called PRIVATE WELLNESS.


Reservation required by calling 583 286 421 or 602 651 027

Reservation required in advance, always in the given week from Wednesday morning on tel. 583 286 421, 602 651 027

Private, or private, wellness center is suitable for those of you who prefer a more intimate and quiet environment for your rest in the circle of your closest friends. That is why prior RESERVATION is ALWAYS necessary (tel. 583 286 421, 602 651 027).

The wellness facility is perfectly adapted for romantic moments for two. Booking the private operation of a wellness facility is also a suitable option for combining relaxation and fun in the circle of your friends or work colleagues.

Price for the public

Price for accommodation

Entrance in PÁR NORMAL mode (anytime by agreement with the reception)

Tuesday – Thursday
1,650 CZK/1.5 hours

Sunday - Thursday
1,250 CZK/1.5 hours

Entrance in PÁR NORMAL mode (anytime by agreement with the reception)

Friday – Saturday
1,650 CZK/1.5 hours

Entry in GROUP mode (up to 5 people; each additional + CZK 490)

Tuesday – Thursday
2,400 CZK/2 hours

Sunday – Thursday
CZK 2,200/2 hours

Friday – Saturday
2,400 CZK/2 hours

Entry in FAMILY mode with children (2 adults and max. 3 children)

Tuesday – Thursday
1,200 CZK/1 hour

Sunday – Thursday
1000 CZK/1 hour

Friday – Saturday
1200 CZK

The price when entering the Private Wellness Center includes:
– Towel service when entering the Private Wellness Center
– Guaranteed privacy just for you
– Magical music of ancient ancestors , candles
– 2 saunas (aroma sauna, steam sauna), giant whirlpool, ice massage shower, tropical rain, relaxation
zone (within the 90 minutes of your stay in the Private Wellness is possible on selected days and hours purchase
also a pool just for the two of you)
* Entrance for a COUPLE – in addition, to perfectly complete the magical atmosphere, a bottle of SECTU for you FREE!
A 10-minute cleaning of the premises and preparation of the premises for other clients is already included in all times.