The healing power of herbs and their existence is ancient and vast. Why not let it in for a while and pay tribute to it with a sip of good tea.

Bring back to your home more than just beautiful experiences and good mood.

We have prepared a neatly packed gift of tea blends for you, which you can easily take home.

Have you already tasted our teas in the first wellness tea house in the Czech Republic, here in our wellness complex? Ask at the RECEPTION desk to get the teas in a practical package.

Find out more during your stay at the reception desk and take our teas in a beautiful package as a gift. You can use 4 + 1 free promotion as a gift for your loved ones, family, friends or yourself, buy four teas and get one free!

Potion for your body and spirit

tea for long-term fatigue

If you feel exhausted and down for a long time, like a “walking corpse”, then this herbal mixture is a must have for you.

ingredients: heather, wild marjoram, lemon balm, angelica

"Celtic Power" potion

tea to pick you up

If our ancestors ran out of strength in the spring time or after a hard work, they always reached for this amazing blend.

ingredients: sea buckthorn, black rowanberry, red rowanberry, elderberry

"Merry Druid" potion

tea for a good mood

As its name suggests, this tea encourages you and induces well-being and good mood.

ingredients: St. John's wort, angelica, lemon balm

Potion of Celtic queens

tea for beauty and vitality

Many a noble maiden used to have a teapot with this tea at their bedside, and they knew why. In short, a blue blood alone would not guarantee health, vitality and fertility.

ingredients: lady's mantle, yarrow, goldenrod

"Memory of druids" potion

tea to strengthen your brain activity

In order to keep all the recipes in mind, druids had to help themselves a little. And that is how this quite a tasty tea saw the light of the day.

ingredients: rosemary, ginkgo, euphrasy

"Dragon's breath" potion

tea to strengthen your health

Very delicious tea made by our early ancestors to warm up and strengthen health on cold and dry days.

ingredients: jasmine, black currant, orange, ginger